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“5 Star Magazine”- How it got to be

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I’ve always wanted to make a magazine for people. I started out with making magazines for my parents, but I always wanted more readers.

So one day, I decided to give a copy to my grandparents. At that time, there was 2 pages to the entire magazine!

I promised in a month that I would give them a second copy. Happy with my accomplishment, I hurried home to start the next issue.

The magazine grew. I started to hand the magazine out to new people and added more pages every month. My handwriting got better and I started to charge $1 for the magazine.

Here are the names for the magazine (I couldn’t decide on just one!) from the early months:

1. “5 Star Magazine”
2. “All Star Magazine”
3. “5 Star Newspaper”

I finally decided on the “5 Star Magazine”. And that is what I use now and for many months to come.


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