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Questions & Answers


A blog?
How cool is that?!
I am making this blog for three reasons…
One-My subscribers can get their magazine online
Two-I can ask questions and get answers about my magazine and I can keep you updated with the pages I’m doing
Three-to have fun! That’s what the magazine is all about, right? To have fun reading and writing in.
The blog will start slow at first, but I will make it big in no time! Soon I will be asking questions and updating you with the cool stuff about my magazine. Make sure to comment! You can comment on this comment first if you like. Just make sure you write your initials in the name spot. You never know how many people can have the same name!!
I hope you will enjoy the blog and check back soon!


3 thoughts on “Questions & Answers

  1. I am so pleased that you have this blog. It brings me into the new age of computers.

  2. A blog! Wow, that is so cool. You realize this could take your magazine worldwide? I hope this happens because the more people you get to read your magazine, the more happy people there will be.

  3. Oh, this will be fun. Congratulations on getting this set up!

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